A major goal of Dominion Farms is to positively impact the community surrounding the farm and enrich the lives of rural Kenyans. Dominion is especially committed to supporting the youth and women of Kenya in their quest for economic advancement. In a land where poverty and disease run rampant, the young people crave a better future. Dominion recognizes this desire to break from the past and has created a variety of venues for individuals to realize their potential - even in an impoverished environment.

The following programs are already in place or are scheduled to commence during 2010:

Community Based Rice and Aquaculture Farming
Beginning in 2010, Dominion Farms will be converting a considerable portion of its leasehold development to community based rice and fish farms. These programs are designed to place substantial assets into the hands of our impoverished neighbors, enabling them to break the grasp of poverty and generate significant family income. These programs will produce partnerships that will not only benefit the members, but may function as a model for how agribusinesses in Africa may serve as catalysts for entrepreneurial expansion for the mutual benefit of all.

Dominion Farms will provide the equipment and supervision to clear the land, level the fields as necessary, install irrigation canals and control systems, and build roads to the newly developed fields. The community based rice farming groups will work in cooperation with and under the guidance of Dominion to grow rice and rotational crops which conform to the quality standards of Dominion Farms Ltd. The only difference in production is that community based farming will replace previously mechanized operations with their labor. Where mechanization is cost-effective or is the only way to assure viable crops, it will be provided by Dominion. In instances where uncontrollable problems occur, such as inclement weather, farm management will be there to advise and assist community based farmers in their quest for the highest possible yields at the lowest costs.

Dominion will work alongside this program by providing our training facilities, materials and staff to prepare the selected members in the vocation of rice or fish farming alongside the life skill courses that will be offered at Dominion Training Center.

Dominion Training Center
In 2007 founder Calvin Burgess had an idea to create a residential vocational center to train the youth of Kenya in modern agricultural practices. During an intensive training experience, young people will be taught a vocation appropriate to their individual circumstances while receiving supplemental instruction on life skills needed to re-enter their communities with confidence and vision. The Center will use the existing farm as a training venue but operate from its own campus with vocational programming in such "majors" as rice farming, dairy farming, poultry raising, small-scale aquaculture, construction trades, small engine/pump repair, retail operations and other vocations that would be locally useful. Evening classes will offer such vital subjects as sex education, nutrition, sanitation, disease prevention/recognition, and rainwater harvesting/storage. The sessions will be a minimum of three weeks and progress will be monitored throughout to ensure each trainee comprehends what has been taught. At full capacity, Dominion plans to train 2,000 youth a year.

Dominion Training Center has been designed to introduce young minds to a new perspective of life that includes science, innovation and proven business practices. The Center will be built, equipped and staffed to nurture the future economic base of Kenya, enabling young Kenyans to bring their communities out of poverty through technology and the discipline associated with long-term goals.